Welcome to Join Unihope - the China Leading Sanitary Products Supplier

Unihope Provides diapers for baby and adult, sanitary napkins, etc. 




To Be Unihope diapers distributors or sanitary pad distributors! 

We are the China Leading Sanitary Products supplier specialized in wholesale diapers for baby and adult, sanitary napkins, wet wipes, etc. 

And we established in Hong Kong since 2016. Welcome to Join Unihope and become the diaper wholesale distributors or sanitary napkins distributors of US!

What do we offer ?

1. Distributor discount.   /   2. No MOQ, small investment.   /   3. Promotion & Marketing support.

4. Variety products, and keep updating.   /   5. Reliable after-sales service.   /   6. ISO, CE, FDA, SGS ect. certification.

What have done ?

1. Cultivate and support 500+ channel distributors, and 5+ country managers.

2. Field investigations on local markets and consumer behavior in more than 30 countries.

3. Core materials, such as SAP, PULP, non-woven fabrics, etc. are imported from the United States, Japan and South Korea.

4. Persist in continuous innovation in machinery and equipment, product materials and personnel training.

What will we do within 3 years ?

1. Increase the cultivation and support to 3000+ channel distributors, and 20+ country managers.

2. Launching 3 to 5 upgraded or market-base innovative products every year.                                

3. Integrate the ecological supply chain of advantageous materials and logistics, and optimize the internal management process to improve customer service efficiency and reduce operating costs.

4. Localization of the team in the core market, explore and practice for the strategic cooperation with customers.

写点什么 ...

How to apply to be our distributor?

To be our distributors. Please contact our brand manager Mr. Selim Yao  Whatsapp/Wechat/Zalo:+86 13599276853  Email: sales30@dollartreegroup.cn

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